12 researchers from our Department in the World’s Top 2% Scientists

The Top 2% Most Influential Scientists’ List, published by Stanford University, represents a prestigious recognition honoring researchers whose work has had a significant impact in their respective scientific fields. Selected from a pool of approximately 9 million researchers globally, the list covers 22 scientific areas and 174 subcategories, comprising the top 2% of the world’s best researchers. Divided into two lists — one covering the entire career span (1996-2022) and the other focusing on the latest year’s contributions (2022 citations) — this compilation attests to the quality, quantity, and dissemination of scientific publications produced by researchers in their respective fields of study.

In the 2023 ranking, 89 researchers from the University of Rome Tor Vergata earned recognition for the year 2022 category, while 86 excelled in the category encompassing their entire careers.

Notably, 12 researchers within the Top 2% belong to the Department of Chemical Sciences and Technologies, affirming its excellence. Here are their names (in alphabetical order):

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