Chemical Sciences

Doctorate program


Coordinator: Prof. Gaio Paradossi

The Italian research doctorate (PhD) is the highest academic degree awarded by universities in most fields of study. The PhD program in Chemical Sciences is open to applicants who hold an Italian Laurea, Laurea Specialistica or Laurea Magistrale diploma or an equivalent second-level degree (generally equivalent to a Master Degree) obtained abroad.
The main objective of the PhD course in Chemical Science is to train highly qualified professionals prepared for research activities in all the fields involving chemical processes, ranging from organic synthesis to material development, and from applications to analyses.
During the three years PhD course the students will have personal mentors who educate them to follow research topics, with the goal to allow the students to become able to formulate a scientific problem independently, propose hypotheses and procedures leading to its solving and attempt its confirmation on an experimental or theoretical level in the different fields of Chemistry. Critical evaluation of published scientific information and learning how to write a scientific article make an integral part of the study.
For this reason, the ability to communicate also in English, both verbally and in written form, is a mandatory requirement for PhD students.
A non-exhaustive list of research topics available for PhD students includes (see the web site links for further information):

Due to the active scientific collaborations present in the Department of Chemical Science and Technologies, the PhD students are strongly encouraged to attend part of their activities in other research groups in Italy and abroad, to improve their competences in a more general context.
Other than the research activities, during the PhD course the students will participate to short thematic lectures and to Department seminars hold be eminent scientists.
At the end of each academic year, the PhD students should also present their annual activities to the PhD Committee (Collegio dei Docenti), for the continuation of study.
The Research Doctorate title is awarded after three years of study and the completion of assigned research activities. In order to complete the Chemical Sciences PhD programme, students must present and discuss a final dissertation (PhD Thesis-Tesi di Dottorato) to a Committee for the final approval.