Friday 13 November – Webinar INITIO project

starting from 9.15 (GMT +1), on line on MS Teams platform.

Webinar – “You’ll sense them alone! Chiral sensors: the progress of the INITIO project”

The webinar will be held on November 13 starting from 9.15 A.M. (GMT +1) and includes 10 presentations
given by PhD students, post-doc, researcher and specialist from five different University (Tor Vergata,
Università del Salento,, Trinity College of Dublin, Taltech, University of Jyväskylä), the France National
Research Centre (CNRS) and two enterprises (Eurochem e Interspectrum). The conference aims at
disseminating the progress and results obtained by the INITIO project, funded by H2020, which has as
objective the development of sensor for the chiral recognition of pollutants as objective.
The whole academic community is invited to participate to the webinar.

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Click here for register event. The webinar will be broadcast in streaming via youtube and twitter.