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Professore Associato SSD: FIS/03 Fisica della MateriaStanza: F0 – 3
Telefono: (+39) 06 7259 4415
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Born in Rome on 19-10-1960. Education and Professional positions: 1985 Doctoral Degree, cum laude, in Physics; 1985-1988 research maker at the Centro Sviluppo Materiali and Eniricerche; 1988 Qualification (professor) scuola secondaria superiore; 1998-1990 Principal Investigator at the University of Basilicata (Potenza); 1990-2003 principal investigator at the University of Rome Tor Vergata; since 2003 Associate Professor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Scholarship: 1990-1991 CNR scholarship at the “School of Chemistry and Applied Chemistry” University of Wales Cardiff (G.B.). International research projects: 1993-1996 BRITE EURAM II, Catalytic chemistry of CO2 at clean and modified metal, oxide and metal-oxide surfaces: a surface science approach.
Research activities (main subjects):

  1. Kinetics of gas adsorption at solid surfaces;
  2. Kinetrics of Phase transformations.

Kinetics of gas adsorption at solid surfaces
We studied the vibrational relaxation of adatoms at solid surfaces during exoergic processes. The solutions of master equations provide non equilibrium vibrational distribution function of the adlayer. The theory has been employed to describe experimental data on hydrogen recombination at metal surfaces and to explain the Adsorption Stimulated Desorption phenomenon.
Kinetics of Phase transformations
The kinetics of phase formation at solid surfaces is described by means of geometrical stochastic approaches and rate equations. The main contribution is represented by the extension of the KJMA model to transition with correlated nucleation. The theory allows to describe experimental data beyond the nucleation stage. Recently, this method has been employed to study phase formation by electrodeposition.
Teaching activity: Mathematical methods for physical science; Solid state chemistry , Physical chemistry of surfaces.
Massimo Tomellini is the author of 139 articles in international journals and cooperates, as referee, with several international journals. Citation report from Scopus: H index 18; Average Citation per year 30; total citations 1366.