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Riccardo POLINI

Professore Associato SSD: CHIM/03 Chimica Generale e InorganicaStanza: F0 – 2
Telefono: (+39) 06 7259 4414
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Biographical Info

Riccardo Polini is Associate Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry at Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Chimiche, Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”.
He was the first scientist to prove in 1992 that cleavage surfaces provide suitable sites for the heterogeneous nucleation of diamond films grown by CVD. As a chemist he is interested in searching answers to fundamental questions of the nature, especially in the area of materials chemistry.
Prof. Polini is the author of more than 100 papers published in International scientific journals, 3 Italian patents, 2 International patents, and tens of Conference papers.
He has spent research periods abroad, at both the Dept. of Chemistry and Materials, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) and the Departamento de Engenharia Mecanica, Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal).
Main research activities are:

  1. Kinetics of nucleation and growth of diamond films obtained by Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD);
  2. Improving adhesion and wear resistance of diamond films onto cemented carbides and steels;
  3. Synthesis and characterization of advanced electro-ceramics for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs);
  4. Development of novel ionomers for Polymeric Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFCs);
  5. Synthesis of micro- and nano-structured tungsten carbide (WC) powders by carbothermic reduction of scheelite;
  6. Black diamond for solar energy conversion;
  7. Development of low work-function films for thermoionic-photovoltaic (TIPV) devices.

Prof. Polini has been the Principal Investigator (PI) of a Galileo Project in collaboration with the Institut de Physique et Chimie des Materiaux de Strasbourg of CNRS (France), and of many R&D projects funded by Italian companies.
Prof. Polini has been Invited or Keynote speaker at numerous International Conferences. He is member of the International Advisory Board of the NanoSMat Conference, and has been Local Chair of NanoSMat 2009, Rome (Italy).