Valeria Conte

Full Professor in Organic Chemistry
Room G1 – 9
Phone: (+39) 06 7259 4014

March 1982    “Laurea”, Chemistry at Padova University (Italy), Supervisor prof. Giorgio Modena, experimental Thesis “Mechanistic Studies of Epoxidation reaction with Mo(VI) peroxocomplexes, marks 110/110
April 1982    Admittance at the Chemistry profession through public exams.
September 1982 – October 1983    ENI Research Fellow at CNR Center on Biopolymers on “Protein Crystallography”
November 1983 – October 1986    Ph.D. degree in Chemical Sciences, University of Padova,
Supervisor prof. Giorgio Modena, Metal Catalyzed Oxidations of Organic Substrates with Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydroperoxides.
Behavior of Peroxometal Complexes.
August 1985 – July 1986    Ph.D. student with prof. J.K. Stille at Colorado State University, Ft. Collins. Co. USA. “Catalytic Oxidations with Polymer Supported Metals” .
November 1986 – January 1987    Consultant for INTEROX chimica s.p.a.
February 1987 – January 1988    CNR fellowship at CNR Center “Centro Meccanismi Reazioni Organiche” Padova University
February 1988 – October 1998    CNR Researcher at CNR Center “Centro Meccanismi Reazioni Organiche” Padova University
August 1993 – October 1993    NATO-CNR Senior Fellowship at Colorado Stato University Ft. Collins Colorado USA.
November 1998 – 2001    Associate professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Foggia
November 2001 – October 2006    Associate professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Roma “Tor Vergata”
November 2006    Full professor Organic Chemistry University of Roma “Tor Vergata”
1999 – 2002    Coordinator of COST project D12/0027/99 “New Catalysts for Environmentally Friendly Oxidations with H2O2 or O2
2004 – 2007    Coordinator of COST project COST D29/0016/04 “Novel sustainable metal catalysed oxidations with H2O2 and O2
2001 – 2005    Italian Representative and Vice Chair person for COST action D24 “Stereoselective Transition Metal-Catalysed Reactions”
2006 – 2011    Italian Representative for COST action D40 “Innovative Catalysis: New Processes and Selectivities”
2006 – 2011    Coordinator of COST D40 project “Innovative Catalysis in Oxidation reactions”
2011 – 2015    Italian substitute MC member Cost Action CM 1003 “Biological oxidation reactions – mechanisms and design of new catalysts.”
2011 – 2015    Coordinator of WG 3 in CM 1003, “Oxidation of substrates utilizing H2O2 as oxidant (peroxidase/catalase/haloperoxidase activity)”
2013 –    Participant in WG in COST action CM1205 Catalytic Routines for Small Molecule Activation (CARISMA).
2014 –    Member of External Expert Panel of the Domain Committee CMST