High Selective Biaryls Formation by the Cyclooligomerization of Arylethynes Catalyzed by Ruthenium and Rhodium Porphyrins
Recent developments in the formation of carbon-carbon bond reaction catalyzed by metalloporphyrins
Remarkable Selectivity in the Cyclopropanation Reactions Catalysed by an Halogenated Iron meso Tetraphenylporphyrin
The Formation of the carbon carbon Bond Catalysed by Metalloporphyrins in Eds

Prof. Pietro Tagliatesta


Name: Pietro Tagliatesta

Place and date of birth: Rome, june 18th 1955

Degree: Laurea in Chemistry. Rome May 20th , 1980

Position: Associate Professor of General Chemistry. University of Rome-Tor Vergata.

Job Address: Via della Ricerca Scientifica- 00133 Rome- Italy

Job Phone: +39 06 7259 4759; Fax: +39 06 7259 4754

E-mail: pietro.tagliatesta@uniroma2.it

Professional interests: Porphyrins chemistry, electrochemistry and organometallic chemistry

He is coauthor of more than 90 papers on international journals of chemistry and one patent and serves in the Board of Journal of Porphyrins and Phtalocyanines.He is currently referee for Inorganic Chemistry, Journal of Organic Chemistry, Journal of Molecular Catalysis, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Chemistry-a European Journal.Member of the Italian Chemical Society, the American Chemical Society and the Society of Porphyrins and Phtalocyanines. Chairman of the mass laboratory.

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