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aggiornato al 2 Maggio 2024


Programma di finanziamentoResponsabileTitolo del progettoDurata
HORIZON-MSCA-2021-DN-01F. RicciSYNSENSO – Cell-Free Synthetic Biology for Combinatorial Biosensor Design2022-2026
HORIZON-MSCA-2021-SE-01A. PorchettaNANO-IMMUNOERA – Nanotechnology-Enabled Detection of Clinically Relevant Antibodies For Early Cancer Diagnosis And Immunotherapy Monitoring2023-2026
ERC-2018-COG – H2020 ERC MGAF. RicciPRO-TOOLKITS – Programmable nucleic acid toolkits for cell-free diagnostics and genetically encoded biosensing2018-2024
H2020-MSCA-RISE-2019F. CavalieriPEPSA-MATE – Nanopeptides and Nanosaccharides for Advanced and Sustainable Materials2020-2024


Ente finanziatoreResponsabileGrantDurata
PRIN2022F. ArduiniSMART paper-based (bio)sensors combined with face MASKs for the development of active and reliable devices for monitoring disease biomarkers: Cystic Fibrosis as a case study (SMARTMASK4CF)2023-2025
PRIN2022E. Di BartolomeoAdvanced materials for reversible solid oxide cells (AMARILLO)2023-2025
PRIN2022M. CarboneGREEN3 Green-to-Green-to-Green: A Green detection system of chlorinated pesticides in veg/spices/herbs based on Green syntheses of highlighting particles within the Green Deal2023-2025
PRIN2022E. ChiessiExploiting double thermoresponsivity for a new class of biocompatible Composite MicroGELS (Co-MGELS)2023-2025
PRIN2022D. CiceroIntegrated phenotyping of the Gut-platelet-Liver AXIS in the progression of chronic liver disease. (iGAL-AXIS)2023-2025
PRIN2022E. Del GrossoSingle-molecule and Fluorescence Investigation of Dissipative Allosteric dna-translators (SFIDA)2023-2025
PRIN2022A. D’EpifanioOrgaNiC/inorganic redOx-active MaterIals for eNerGy storage in flow batteries (ONCOMING)2023-2025
PRIN2022E. GattoFrom NANOplastics to bioplastics towards environmental sustainability: a green algae-based approach – NANOgrab2023-2025
PRIN2022F. DomeniciNovel strategies for sensitized ultrasonic neuromodulation2023-2025
PRIN2022P. GalloniPhotoelectRO catalytic Modules for OxidaTivE C-H activatiOn (PROMETEO)2023-2025
PRIN2022S. LicocciaAlkaline membrane–electrode assemblies for fuel cells (ALEF)2023-2025
PRIN2022B. MecheriCarbon dioxide as feedstock to produce high value protein by bio-electroreclying system (e-Protein)2023-2025
PRIN2022S. OrlanducciSENS-AI (Environmental Sensing with Artificial Intelligence)2023-2025
PRIN2022R. PaolesseNoveL approaches to mIcro- and nAno-plastIcS detectiOn iN water (LIAISON)2023-2025
PRIN2022R. PoliniThermionic Energy Conversion for High Power RadiatiOn (TECHPRO)2023-2025
PRIN2022A. PorchettaCRISPR-Cas-based sensing platforms for the monitoring of clinically relevant antibodies2023-2025
PRIN2022F. RicciDissipative DNA nanotechnology for programming chemical functions in time (DNAtime)2023-2025
PRIN2022PNRRR. PaolesseFunctionalized CoLor Catcher for watEr quality maNagement: case stUdy aPplications – CLEANUP2023-2025
PRIN2022PNRRF. RicciInnovative amplification strategies for ultrasensitive detection of molecular targets2023-2025
PRIN2022PNRRL. MicheliDress the future: novel combined wearable integrated systems2023-2025
PRIN2022PNRRM. BiettiLight-driven Catalytic Technologies for the Selective Functionalisation of C(sp3)-H Bonds2023-2025
MAECI Progetti di Grande RilevanzaA. D’EpifanioHighly Adaptive Membrane Electrode Assemblies for Durable Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysers under Dynamic Power Input (HAMLET). Paese partner: CINA NSFC2023-2026
MAECI Progetti di Grande RilevanzaE. Del GrossoMultifunctional DNA nanomaterials for biosensing and imaging applications. Paese partner: Stati Uniti2023-2026
PRIN2020S. NardisAmplification Strategies for the Labeling and Detection of Infectious Agents (AStraLI)2022-2024
PRIN2020L. StellaSynthesis and biomedical applications of tumor targeting peptidomimetics and conjugates2022-2024
My First AIRC Grant -2023A. PorchettaREPAIR-NANO – Activity-based sensing tools and kits for real time monitoring of DNA repair enzymes and in vitro drug  screening2023-2028
AIRCF. RicciSynthetic gene switches for point-of-care tumor markers detection2020-2024
AIRCL. StellaInhibitors of SHP2 Protein-Protein Interactions: a new strategy for a crucial oncogenic target2021-2026