Professore Associato SSD: CHIM/03 Chimica Generale e InorganicaStanza: F0 – 6
Telefono: (+39) 06 7259 4418 / 4401
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Susanna Piccirillo was born in Rome on march 2, 1962. In 1988 she received a degree in Chemistry (summa cum laude) from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and in 1994 a Ph.D in Chemical Sciences from the same University. From 1988 to 1996 she has been a research scientist at ENEA Frascati, Freie Universität Berlin, CNR Tito Scalo (Pz) and Universitè de Paris Sud. In 1996 she joined the Department of Chemical Sciences and Technologies at the University of Roma Tor Vergata as researcher and she is currenltly Associate Professor of General Chemistry.

Her research interests are mainly on laser spectroscopic techniques and their applications to investigate matter. Specifically:

  • Infrared Multi-Photon excitation and dissociation processes of polyatomic molecules and ions of biological and pharmaceutical interest with CO2, OPO/OPA and free electron lasers.
  • Laser assisted synthesis and Pulsed Laser Ablation Deposition (PLAD) of semi and superconductors and silicon and carbon based nanomaterials.
  • Resonant Two Photon Ionization (R2PI) spectroscopy coupled with Time of Flight mass spectrometry for the study of molecules and clusters of biological interest cooled in supersonic beams. Gas-phase enantiodifferentiation of chiral molecules.
  • Ultrafast Excited-State Dynamics of molecules in the gas phase and in solution.

She is co-author of more than 110 scientific publications on international journals and 1 patent.