Professori Ordinari

Professori Ordinari


Professore Ordinario SSD: CHIM/02 – CHIMICA FISICAStanza: F1 – 5
Telefono: (+39) 06 7259 4464 / 4454 Sito web: Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules
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Short CVPubblicazioni
H index: 30 (Scopus); 33 (Google Scholar)

After graduating at the University of Rome, Italy, he was post doc in Israel, United States and France working. In 1984 he joined the Department of Chemistry of the University of Naples, Italy, as assistant professor. In 1990 he moved to the University of Rome Tor Vergata where he is now full professor. In 1999 Visiting Professor at University of Kyoto. He is author of more that 150 papers on international, peer reviewed journals. His research activities cover the design of new functional contrast agents, the structural and dynamic properties of hydrogels, the formulation of nanocomposites for biomedical uses, micro- and nano- devices for molecular imaging and dosimetry.
Position: Full Professor
Research topics: Biomaterials, Design of ultrasound contrast agents, Drug delivery, Scattering.
Publications: more than 150 publications on international, high impact factor journals. 5 patents on applications of microbubbles in biomedicine.
International Awards
2005: GEMI Found Research award grant, Stockholm, Sweden.
EU projects
H2020 FET OPEN – AMPHORA (2017 -2021) “Acoustic Markers for Enhanced Remote Sensing of Radiation Doses” – AMPHORA
7th Framework Programme (2013 – 2018) “Microbubbles driven multimodal imaging and theranostics for gliomas” – TheraGlio.
7th Framework Programme (2010 – 2012) “Three modality contrast imaging using multi-functionalised microballoons” – 3MICRON
6th Framework Programme (2006 – 2009) “Systems for in situ theranostics using microparticles triggered by ultrasound” – SIGHT (Scientific coordination)

Teaching activity:
Supervisor of more than 10 PhD thesis.
Courses: Physical Chemistry I (Thermodynamics and Kinetics); Macromolecular chemistry; Biomaterials