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Professori Associati

Beatrice MACCHI

Professore Associato SSD: CHIM/08 – CHIMICA FARMACEUTICAStanza: c/o Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Edif. F, ala sud, piano 0, stanza F11/F36 Via Montpellier 1, Roma
Ufficio c/o Università di Roma Tor Vergata – Via Montpellier 1, Roma Roma Telefono: (+39) 06 7259 6392
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Education and Position
1980-1982: Fogarty Fellowship at “Surgical Neurology Branch” NINCDS; 1982-1983: AIRC Fellowship  “Tumor Cell Biology”, NCI; 1983-1984: “Visiting Associate”,  “NCI, NIH, Bethesda, MD   1993: ” Visiting Scientist” at ” Retrovirus Research Center” Dept of Veteran Affairs, Veteran Hospital, Baltimore MD USA. 1984– University position as assistant professor at the Dept of Systems Medicine; 2018 Assistant professor Dept Chem. Sci. and Technol.; 2022 Associate professor Dept. Chem. Sci. and Technol., University of Rome ” Tor Vergata”.

Coordinator of research
National research program on AIDS. 1997-2001 (I,II,III,IV programs).  “Apoptotic cell death in the response to antiretroviral therapy and in the reconstitution of immune system in HIV patients”. 2009 (V and VI programs). “ Development and validation of a new assay for HIV reverse transcriptase inhibition by nucleoside and non nucleoside  RT inhibitors”.
1996-2008  Research projects supported by University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. PRIN: 2005.  “Stereoselective  synthesis and biological evaluation of compounds focused on antiviral”. activity”;  2006.  “Biological and antiviral activity of new heterocyclic compounds”; 2012-2015. “Design and stereoselective synthesis of compounds active towards protein targets involved in viral and tumour”. pathologies.  FARLV: 2018. “Development a new functional assay for evaluating the replicative potential of viral reservoirs in HIV infected patients with undetectable or low level viremia”.
1995- Beatrice Macchi belongs to a HERN (HTLV-I European research network) supported as concerted action by the European Community within the Vth European framework program ; 2014-  member  HTLV task force within  GVN (Global Virus Network).
Patents. 1996. Establishment of a continuous   cell line   CD4+/HTLV-1, ITMI 950263. 2006. Nucleoside analogues with antiviral activity, EP1727814. 2018. Use of   2-oxo-2h-pirrol-1(5h)-carboxamide derivative as anti-HIV agents and process for their production, P018639IT-01 13948PTIT.

Research fields: Screening and evaluation of biological activity  of new molecules  endowed with antiviral activity. New approaches based on the study  of  in vitro activity of  antiretroviral  and  immunomodulant drugs towards infectious diseases sustained by HTLV-1 and HIV infection through study of inhibitory activity toward virus replication and infection  with HTLV-1 and /or HIV viruses in a cell to cell transmission. In particular evaluation of the activity of new molecules on  HIV infection through  cell free infection of cell line stably transfected with  a plasmid encoding the green fluorescence protein (GFP) driven by the HIV-1 long term repeat. Evaluation of the activity of new molecules on HTLV-1 and HIV reverse transcriptase through a cell-free assay  based on qRT-PCR. Effect of  combined therapy  on the susceptibility to apoptosis in HIV patients, and on the modification of gene    expression  associated to  cell death and proliferation.  Role of therapy in the  immune reconstitution in patients under therapy. Study of the biological effect of new molecules on  glucose metabolism in cancer cells.

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SCOPUS: h-index:  24; Documents by author:102. Total citations 1677 total. I.F: 540