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Noemi Colozza is a Junior Research Scientist at the Department of Chemical Science and Technology of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. She received her master’s degree in chemistry on 29th May 2015 with full marks and honours, and afterward her doctorate in Chemistry on 28th February 2019. Her doctoral thesis was awarded by the Electrochemical Division of the Italian Chemical Society in 2019 with the prize “Fondazione Oronzio e Niccolò De Nora”. During her post-doc, she won a fellowship grant from The Foundation Blanceflor Boncompagni Ludovisi for a 1-year period abroad in the Crespo’s research group at KTH Institute in Stockholm. Her research activity has been focused on the development and characterization of sustainable and user-friendly electrochemical (bio)sensors for environmental, health, and security concerns, particularly exploiting the screen-printing technique and several supporting platforms (i.e., polyester, office paper, filter paper), also in combination with origami-like structures, and eventually modified with nanostructured materials (e.g., carbon black, Prussian blue, gold nanoparticles) and/or biological components (e.g., enzymes, aptamers, antibodies). Specific applications have concerned heavy metals detection and (bio)remediation, enzyme-based detection of chemical weapons, and potentiometric monitoring of buildings made of reinforced concrete. She now works on the development of novel configurations for paper-based electrochemical (bio)sensors for multifarious applications.

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