The Department of Chemical Science and Technologies among the Lazio Excellences present at EXPO 2017

EXPO 2017 FUTURE ENERGY Astana (Kazakistan) june 10 – september 10, 2017

12 excellent projects on energy related topics have been selected to represent Italy at the “Padiglione Italia” at the 2017 EXPO that is currently ongoing in Astana.
Two of such projects come from our University and one of them, presented by Professor Silvia Licoccia, from our Department.
The projects have been selected by a National Committee and will be presented as Avatar, electronic images representing the scientists narrating their research  in in a virtual space.
Professor Licoccia will narrate to the visitors of the Expo her project on Redox Flow Batteries as storage energy systems for the future. (Link)

The research is carried out by the group MaDE@TorVergata and is financed by the European Union under the framework of Project GREENERNET, which Tor Vergata Coordinator is Professor  Alessandra D’Epifanio.