Beatrice MACCHI

Ricercatore SSD: CHIM/08 – CHIMICA FARMACEUTICAStanza: c/o Facoltà Med. e Chir., Edif. F, ala sud, piano 0, stanza F11/F36 Via Montpellier 1
Telefono: (+39) 06 7259 6392
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1980-1982: Fogarty Fellowship at “Surgical Neurology Branch” NINCDS; 1982-1983: AIRC Fellowship  “Tumor Cell Biology”, NCI; 1983-1984: “Visiting Associate”,  “NCI, NIH, Bethesda, MD   1993: ” Visiting Scientist” at ” Retrovirus Research Center” Dept of Veteran Affairs, Veteran Hospital, Baltimore MD USA. 1984– University position as assistant professor  at the Dept of Systems Medicine; 2018 Assistant professor Dept Chemical Science and Technologies, University of Rome ” Tor Vergata”. Scientific qualification for associate professor, 2015:  SSD  03/D1.  2016:  SSD  05/G1. 2018:  SSD  06/A3.
Coordinator of research
National research program on AIDS. 1997-2001 (I,II,III,IV programs).  “Apoptotic cell death in the response to antiretroviral therapy and in the reconstitution of immune system in HIV patients”. 2009 (V and VI programs). “ Development and validation of a new assay for HIV reverse transcriptase inhibition by nucleoside and non nucleoside  RT inhibitors”.
1996-2008  Research projects supported by University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. PRIN: 2005. “ Stereoselective synthesis and biological evaluation of compounds focused on antiviral activity”;  2006.  “Biological and antiviral activity of new heterocyclic compounds”; 2012-2015. “Design and stereoselective synthesis of compounds active towards protein targets involved in viral and tumor pathologies.  FARLV: 2018. “Development a new functional assay for evaluating the replicative potential of viral reservoirs in HIV infected patients with undetectable or low level viremia”.
1995-   Concerted action HERN (HTLV-I European research network)
Patents. 1996. Establishment of a continuous   cell line  CD4+/HTLV-1, ITMI 950263. 2006. Nucleoside analogues with antiviral activity,  EP1727814. 2018. Use of   2-oxo-2h-pirrol-1(5h)-carboxamide  derivative as  anti-HIV  agents and process for their production, P018639IT-01 13948PTIT
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SCOPUS: h-index:  22; Documents by author: 97. Total citations 1252 total. I.F: 422