About us

About us

The Department of Chemical Science and Technologies (DSTC) has 51 Professors (full, associate and assistant), 11 highly qualified experimental officers/technicians, and 6 administrative staff.

The Department hosts numerous research fellows and several graduate and undergraduate students that contribute to the wide spectrum of research activities.

The Department strong record of scientific achievements places it at the top of national and international rankings. Our research covers most aspects of modern chemistry and its applications, including the study of environment and food security, preservation of cultural heritage, design of innovative drugs, study of drug mechanism of action and structure-activity relationship, development of medical devices, sustainable chemistry, energy storage and conversion, understanding of photoinduced processes, catalysis, theoretical and experimental investigations on biomolecules and biomaterials, biomimetic supramolecular systems, development of physico/chemical sensors, biosensors and sensors, organic, inorganic, and hybrid nanostructured materials for applications in electronics, photonics, energy, etc.

The broad spectrum of the activities reflects the interdisciplinary background of the Department personnel which covers analytical, inorganic, organic, physical and applied chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and materials science.
Such a variety of interests, combined with a variety of challenging graduate subjects and an extensive seminar program, provides our students with the foundation needed for a meaningful professional career and a lifetime of independent learning.

Other significant features of our research activity are the high number of scientific collaborations with public and private institutions, both national and international, and the several ongoing European and bilateral projects as well as the various research contracts with national and international Industries.

Our educational activity offers Bachelor Courses in Chemistry and Applied ChemistryMaster in Chemistry, and two Ph D Courses (Chemical Sciences and Materials for Health, Environment and Energy).

In collaboration with other Departments, we also extensively collaborate to the Bachelor and Master Degrees in Materials Science and Technology, Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine and Humanities. This latter area offers a five years degree in “Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Books and Archives Materials” a degree foreseeing habilitation, a unique case in Italy

All these activities reflect in the job placement of our students: shortly after their graduation (at all levels) a large number of them has obtained qualified positions in Universities or Research Centers as well as in Industries, in Italy and abroad.